• Unique Gifts
    Spiritually based tools perfect for gift giving!

    Shasta Rainbow Angels has something for all spiritual enthusiasts alike. The store relates to all individuals who are interested in exploring spiritual tools for healing, personal use and much more.
  • Jewelry
    Divine ornaments for all spiritual enthusiasts alike.

    A Fine Collection of spiritually inspired pieces perfect for any occasion.
  • Crystals
    These powerful minerals are profoundly acclaimed worldwide and popularized for their evolved appeal.

    Crystals are excellent manifestation tools, bringing clarity and peace of mind to those who use them. By placing a crystal in any living space or environment you can instantly raise the vibration of the area.
  • Wands
    Shasta Rainbow Angels carries a wide variety of crystal wands,hand crafted by local artists and healers.

    Wands as we know and use them today have been around for longer than history can account or detail. They appear in the lore and cultural traditions of many ancient civilizations as well as more modern spiritual groups.
  • Our Sun Catchers
    vary in size, contour, and design. Choose from a wide range of crystalized symbols & personalize any environment with your own custom look.

    Our sun catchers disperse strong sun rays in your home. With their own metaphysical properties, these gem-stone sun catchers accent reflected light with a glittering rainbow effect!
  • Wind Chimes
    Known for thier lasting durability in any environment.

    Our inventory of high quality window decals are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Essential Oils
    Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Ideal for holistic care and treatment!

    Shasta Rainbow Angels offers a diverse selection of essential oils. Our oils are high quality and have tremendous health benefits. Whether they are used for aromatherapy, skin care, purification, or spiritual purposes, there is something for everyone!
                                          • Oracle and Tarot Cards
                                            are tools used for divination purposes as well as receiving guidance on any given issue.

                                            Being a part of the ancient art of divination, oracle and tarot cards have helped many tap into the inner reservoir of wisdom and guidance available to all. They are tools that can help us sharpen our intuition and make the proper and necessary adjustments we need to move forward.


jewelry stones healing wands sun catchers wind chimes oil incense art

We sell beautiful spiritual products from Mt Shasta.

Shasta Rainbow Angels is a metaphysical store based in Mt. Shasta. Our vision is to teach & provide spiritual tools to assist & remind us of our own divinity within! We accept and value comments and feedback from our customers. Please let us know which product you’d like to be highlighted in our weekly Vlog series!

We happily offer all of customers inspiration and would like to suggest that you see in each master, angel or deity a reflection of your own greatness. That is really the "job" of each high being, and the purpose for which we send their images out into the world.

Top Selling Products

jeweleySmokey Quartz Namibian Crystal $135.00
Abundance Blue Bottle
$29.00 (34 oz.)
jeweleyNamibian Pendant (J1)
$145.00 (16.5 gm)
jeweleyEuclayptus Essential Oil (Cert.Therapeutic Grade)
$18.95 15 ml.

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